Pure Origins. This is precisely the point of difference, this boutique, South Australian company can boast, with its founding director, Luca. Despite the many stings, the bees must still be respected Luca says, and worshipped as they have been by our ancestors for thousands of years. It may no longer be the ideal source of currency and taxes, but today honey is still the great natural sweetener with a multitude of benefits. In a market place where many food companies, profess to be the bees knees of natural products, who then, should the discerning customer put their faith in when seeking the highest quality, all natural products? " In Nature We Trust" Pure Origins, only trust in nature, so naturally, so should the consumer when selecting honey. All their products are unique like no other. To the lover of honey and those yet to discover its great pleasure and benefits, Pure Origin honey is raw, and not excessively heat treated, but rather, most importantly, cold extracted to preserve the highest nutritional value and integrity of this precious, ancient food.

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Manuka Honey 100+

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The Manuka bush, also known as Teatree grows in Australia and New Zealand. Pure Origins Manuka Honey is the most treasured honey in Australia and possible the world as it has a reputation for miraculous immunity and nutritional benefits. Our honey is carefully sourced from within areas of Australia's natural wilderness.

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  • Australian Manuka (Leptospermum Polygalifolium) Honey.


Typical Nutrition Information
25 serves per pack, serving size 10g
Average Quantity Per serve Per 100g/ml
Energy (KJ)140.101401
Protein (g)0.030.30
Fat, total (g)00
- saturated (g)00
Carbohydrates (g)8.2182.1
- sugars (g)8.2182.1
Sodium (mg)1.4014