Tasmanian Juice Company exists in order to provide all the goodness of fresh Tasmanian quality fruit available in a bottle all year round. Cherries have such a short season, we wanted to make their deliciousness available every month of the year. Cherries are also well known for a range of health benefits. If cherries help you and your condition, now help is at hand for more than a short season. That we also help orchardists realise extra income, help processors use some spare capacity outside the main wine season, and contribute back to the local economy, is also a source of satisfaction.

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Dark Cherry Juice


More than 1 kilogram of the finest dark red Tasmanian cherries goes into every bottle of our premium dark cherry juice.

Serving suggestions:

Drink Recipes




Devil's Mule

45ml Hellyer's Road Southern Lights Vodka
30ml Tasmanian Cherry Juice
150ml Henry's Ginger Beer
with an Ice Ball

Served at Gallery 81, High St, Campbelltown, TAS


Mix one part juice with 2-4 parts sparkling water.

Beautiful if both are chilled. Serve with a slice of apple.

Pink Bellini

Mix one part Juice with 4 parts sparkling wine.

Pink, bubbly, sweet and alcoholic.All good!

Cherry Bomb

Mix equal parts with Vodka.

Dangerously tasty, great fun. Warning: has been known to induce bad behaviour.

Food/Sauce Recipes




Duck Sauce

Mix a dash of Tasmanian Dark Cherry Juice with herbs of your choice in a traditional duck sauce recipe.

The flavour of cherries is well known to mix perfectly with well roasted duck.

Chocoloate Cherry Souffle

We're not brave enough to advise you how to make a perfect souffle, but if you fancy a try, add a little warmed Cherry Juice to the chocolate sauce.




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Typical Nutrition Information
1 serves per pack, serving size 375ml
Average Quantity Per serve Per 100g/ml
Energy (KJ)914244
Protein (g)3.20.8
Fat, total (g)0.80.2
- saturated (g)0.40.1
Carbohydrates (g)42.911.4
- sugars (g)42.911.4
Sodium (mg)00