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Noshu Sugar-Free Treats

Noshu Sugar Free Treats

Noshu is Australia’s first truly sugar-free food food brand, creating revolutionary treats that enhance your life in a positively delicious and nutritious way. Noshu sugar-free muffins and donuts were created as a low-sugar alternative for diabetics, vegetarians, people with food allergies, and anyone looking to reduce their consumption of sugar and chemical-based, synthetic sweeteners.

The Noshu team behind their delicious products includes qualified nutritionists, food technologists and pastry chefs to deliver you the best possible product.

Noshu donuts come in 4 delicious flavours: Strawberry, Banana & Coconut, Dark Chocolate & Raspberry, and Caramel Spice. Noshu donuts are sold frozen, individually wrapped in boxes for 12 for your convenience.

Noshu muffins are available in 3 flavours: Orange & Poppy seed, Double Chocolate, and White Chocolate & Raspberry. Noshu muffins are sold frozen, individually wrapped in packs of 6 for your convenience.

Noshu is proudly Australian owned, and all products are made locally in Australia.

Check out our range of Noshu products below:

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